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7 Common - But Deadly - Mistakes That Most Entrepreneurs Make With Their LLC
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Discover The Mistakes You’re Making… AND The Simple FIX To Keep Your Business Running Right

Hi, I’m Wendy

When I first started up LLCs for my own real estate investing business, I heard that it was super easy and that I wouldn’t have to do anything.

But when I talked to my lawyer friends, they told me that I needed to look like a corporation if I wanted to be protected.

That really got me thinking! I really had no idea what I needed to DO to protect my LLC the right way.

What do I need to record? What details do I need to include? What format do I need to look professional? What should my back office accounting look like? How should I set up my bank accounts?

Do those questions sound familiar?

I searched the internet, bought books, I even looked in the annual reports of my old company in Corporate America ... anything to find clues. 

And slowly I began to piece together the system and tools I needed to run my business like a real pro.

Now, this isn’t the sexy part of running a business - it’s not as fun as generating leads or closing deals. But my lawyer friends assured me that this was as essential to running my business THE RIGHT WAY as marketing and generating income.

Now it’s my mission to help other entrepreneurs just like you figure out how to set yourself up for success so you’re protected and running your business the way you should be.

It all starts with this free training.

If you’re ready to run your business right… you’ve first got to understand where you’re going wrong. 
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