STOP Relying On A Piece of Paper With No Power
And Needlessly Risking Lawsuits, Audits, Additional Fees, Taxes, Penalties And Potential Bankruptcy. 

This Isn't What You Signed Up For.
Are you ready to take control of your lLC and sleep soundly tonight knowing you're protected?
Without wasting hours researching what you need to do to hang on to the benefits you were promised or spending thousands on professionals who don't have the time and patience to guide new entrepreneurs?

Yes, learning how to use your LLC takes time - time you probably don't have.

There's got to be a better way, right?
What if we could deliver the information & services you need, faster and better, and give you back that time to work on your growing business?
Here's the thing... Your LLC Mistakes CAN be fixed
(So you WON'T lose anymore sleep or be worried "what If?")
What We Discovered from Over 25,000 Clients
In 2008, we started asking clients what they wish they had known when they first started their business.
The results were overwhelming and surprising.  

Hundreds of questions poured in - many of them still unanswered.  

They didn't list questions about marketing strategies, closing techniques or customer retention systems.

Instead, they wished they had known the basics of running their LLCs so if they got sued or audited they would be prepared.

They knew a piece of paper wasn't enough; but they didn't know what was. And figuring out what was good advice and what wasn't was exhausting. 
They also wanted to come across to potential partners and investors as professionals; but their lack of business systems and processes made them look like newbies. 
We Created Educational Material For LLC Owners
So we started creating educational materials - videos and workbooks, articles and Q&A sessions - to teach our clients what they needed to know.

Some of them panicked because they had been running their businesses for years, virtually ignoring everything they needed to do to keep the walls of their LLCs intact or to pass an audit.  

Some of them got angry because someone had told them not to worry - an LLC doesn't need meetings and minutes, financial reports and business plans. Just run the business the way you think it should be run.

Some of them just despaired because they couldn't see a way to fix the mess they were in.

And as the weight of all the neglected requirements fell on their shoulders, all of them wanted to know "What do I do now?"

We Can Help You
The good news is Mistakes Can Be Fixed. 

We know it’s overwhelming to think about learning all the stuff that you need to learn about your LLC. 

We know the struggle of overcoming the emotions of having to start over, figuring out what systems and processes to put in place to run a professional LLC behind the scenes of running your successful business. 

The time pressure alone can do you in. 

Take a deep breath.   
We want you to know it's NOT your fault.

You weren't born knowing what should have been done. 

The mistakes you've made can be fixed by You or your Assistant with our guidance.

Let us help you. 

Now it’s your turn!
You Are Not Alone...
There is no worse feeling as a business owner than getting audited and not being prepared. The only thing running through your mind is "Oh sh**, now what?"  

We have been through an audit. We had EVERYTHING in place so the State could stop their investigation with just a few questions, and never bother us again. No added taxes, no penalties, no interest, no hours searching for old invoices, statements and tax returns. And no additional fees to bankrupt a small company.

The power of the right preparation can save your business. 
But how do you find out what to do?

Most business owners set up an LLC and think "That's it. I'm done." But that's far from the truth!

It's naive to think you're safe with just a piece of paper filed with the state and a federal tax id.

You need to run your LLC in a way that shows a court or an auditor that you are not acting like an irresponsible sole proprietor or hobbyist, just doing whatever you think is right. 
So... How Do You Do That?
By setting up the proper systems and processes to run your LLC correctly - systems and processes, by the way, that we can teach others to run for you or we can run.
When you understand how to set up your business to receive all the benefits you should be getting and work with the right professional team, the business you thought was good turns into the machine you've always dreamed of!

We know what you’re thinking…
  “Please show me how I can this set up, without spending hours doing it all myself.” 

“I would do anything to have my business set up correctly so I can sleep at night knowing my most precious asset is protected.”

What would your business look like if you had the right systems and processes, and the right team? All the things that should be done were really getting done? 

What would life be like if your business had the framework it was meant to have, and everything started to flow like clockwork? 

Everything is in place. All you do is what you do best! Being YOU, and delivering your Superpower to the world. 

...If you've read this far...
The BizEngaged Educational LLC Membership
is a fast and effective way to get the most from your LLC!
Failing to look after your LLC could cost you everything you have worked so hard to achieve.  
Are you ready to lose everything because you aren't prepared?

 You could spend hours searching for the right people, information & solutions like pieces of a puzzle, but you'll likely end up just like most entrepreneurs that go the free route - with a hodgepodge of puzzle pieces that don't fit together.

Stop glueing and taping the most important pieces of your business together like an amateur!

You've wasted time long enough trying to figure out what information is accurate, what professionals you need on your team, what services would save you the most time.

Do you know if the pieces you've found are even good?

With BizEngaged, you get the information you need in small focused videos. 
When we tell you to do something we give you exactly what you need to do it. 
Our professionals and services work together.
And we give you a place to ask questions and get answers. 

We help you build a structure where all the pieces fit together seamlessly to reduce the time, effort and stress it takes to run an LLC professionally.  
The IRS and the Courts can destroy you in ONE moment! 
But with BizEngaged you are prepared!
This is the problem… Most business owners are telling themselves….
 ​“I don't have time to figure out all the legal documents for my business…” 
 “Why would anyone sue me? That would never happen to me.” 
 “I get my taxes done by someone I trust. I don't need a strategist."
 “I don't need reports. I can run this business in my head."
 “The IRS would never audit me. I'm just a small business. ”
 “Can't I just get all the information for a good LLC for free?"
 “An LLC doesn't need all that paperwork. Only corporations need that.”
And the reality is...
None of Those Things Are True!
It's time to understand there's a difference between the law and common sense.   
Get ready to run your LLC the way it should be run. 
It's TIME for a System That Will Work... 
It's Time for Biz Engaged!
  • You don't know what to do to get the benefits you were promised when you set up your LLC
  • You work hard everyday to create the business of your dreams, but now you worry you could lose it because your LLC foundation is shakey
  • You just want everything taken care of so you can concentrate on building a sustainable, scalable, profitable business
We'll walk you through how to set up the processes your need.  
And if you've made mistakes in the past, we can help you fix them.

Stop wasting your time building a business that could be taken away from you in the blink of an eye.

Introduction to the BizEngaged LLC Educational System 

None of us is born knowing everything we need to do to keep the walls of our LLCs strong - or why it's even necessary.

After all, we've been told running an LLC is easy - no fuss, no paperwork or meetings - nothing to worry about. Just file it and toss the company record book in a drawer. 

In the introduction to the BizEngaged LLC Educational System, we teach you what you need to do to get started, and why it's so important.

Watch the video, download the checklist and follow the instructions.  

Setting Up Your Systems and Processes

As you get started, we suggest systems and processes to help keep everything on track. Nothing says "amateur" more than a box full of receipts, financials on a spreadsheet, decisions scribbled on a sandwich bag … you get the picture.

And since you're busy doing what you do so well, we' re happy to work with your virtual assistant to make sure they understand everything that needs to be done.

Don't have a VA? We can suggest where to get one.

Building Your Professional Team

As you grow your business, you're going to need: 

1) A structure to match your growth

2) Professionals to help you who work seamlessly together

We have a list of folks we know and trust who can work with you as you grow to ensure you stay safe and secure. 

At BizEngaged, we 
  • Provide information you need to know in short, concise videos
  • Treat your assistant just like we treat you so they can do most of the work
  • Provide done-for-you tools to implement our recommendations quickly
  • ​Give you a place to ask questions one on one without paying the high price tag of most consulting
  • Provide done-for-you services to save you time and worry

Let's face it - there are lots of people out there who can set up your LLCs - attorneys, CPAs, legal document preparers. Even you can do it on your own.  

There are lots of people on stage and in books who will tell you all about the benefits you can get from forming an LLC - tax benefits, asset protection, liability protection, branding, credibility … 

But almost no one takes the time to explain to you what to do after the paper is filed with the state and the IRS has delivered your tax id. 

I know because I've been there. The first time I set up an LLC I had to wrestle the attorney to the ground just to get an operating agreement that I could customize for our business. 

No one should be left wondering how to protect the business they just set up. That's why we created BizEngaged. 

We want information and education to be available in a format that
- respects your time
- shows you what to do and how it should look
- allows you to use a virtual assistant to help
- gives you access to ask questions and get answers

And as a bonus, the Specialists we list are people we know and trust. The Resources are ones we use ourselves. 

Take control of your LLC now. 


Only One Way To Find Out!

The longer you procrastinate, the more you'll have to clean up down the road.

Let's get started teaching you what you need to know to run your business like a professional.

And you can add in your Virtual Assistant at no extra cost to help you. We'll answer her questions just like we would answer yours.  

So what are you waiting for?

The BizEngaged Membership has 8 benefits listed below.  

Benefit #1 FREE Workbooks and Course Discounts ($250 Value)

When you sign up with a BizEngaged Membership you get 2 codes.
Code #1 - gives you all 7 of our workbooks FREE. You don't get nickel and dimed.
Code #2 - gives you a $50 discount on any BizEngaged-branded full course as a thank you just for being a Member.

Benefit #2 Unlimited Access to All Educational Videos ($1997 Value)

You get unlimited access to all our educational videos - explanatory videos, discussions and interviews. 

These videos are 10-20 minutes long to respect your time and give you the information you need without overwhelming you. 

And more videos are being added all the time for added value. 

Benefit #3 Access to Tools ($197 Value)

Your access to the BizEngaged Membership give you access to a variety of  tools to make implementing what we tell you to do fast and easy. And we are adding more tools all the time so this value will increase as well.  

Benefit #4 Access to Exclusive Recorded Calls & Webinars ($697 Value)

As a BizEngaged Member, You get access to all our exclusive recorded calls and webinars. These videos are in a longer format for more detailed training on important topics like preparing for Year-End and Surviving an IRS Audit. Think what it would cost you to get this information from your legal and tax professionals. 

Benefit #5 Private Members Only Mastermind Group ($497 Value)

You are invited to participate in our Private Members Only Mastermind Group in Facebook. Here you can meet other Members, post questions, get answers and suggest topics you would like us to discuss. You never know when one tip will make your membership priceless. 

Benefit #6 Access to Weekly Live Q&A Coaching Calls ($15,000 Value)

You are invited to join in our Weekly Live Q&As.  Join in our Zoom room classroom, ask whatever questions are on your mind and get your answers then and there as part of your BizEngaged Membership!

Benefit #7 Access to Our Network of Professionals ($295 Value)

You get time saving access to our network. Not all the professionals we know and resources we use are on the website. Post your request in the Mastermind and we'll see what we have in our tool bag. We've saved many clients hours of time scouring the internet for referrals. 

Benefit #8 Virtual Assistant Membership ($1497 Value)

We know you're busy. So when you sign up as a BizEngaged Member, you get an additional log-in for your Virtual Assistant absolutely FREE. They get access to everything you can access. And we'll answer their questions just as we would yours. We want them to be a resource to give you back time to work on your business. It takes twice as long to deal with a VA as it does dealing with an entrepreneurs; but you don't pay a dime more. 

Total Value: $20,430

Get BizEngaged for your Business and Save! 

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